Guaranteed Title Deeds from Aristo Developers

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

As the safest country in the European Union, and the fifth safest country in the world, Cyprus is one of the most favourable places for international business.  Individuals looking to invest through real estate often take advantage of the location and the climate, its excellent infrastructure and the various incentives in the area of taxation.  The island offers a sophisticated low tax jurisdiction – the lowest in Europe – that has rapidly become the jurisdiction of choice for international investors; Cyprus also offers one of the most efficient programmes for obtaining EU Citizenship and Permanent Residency through property investment.

Aristo Developers, the pioneering force behind the island's property, golf, commercial and educational industry was established in the early 1980s. Today, Aristo Developers is the largest landowner in Cyprus and a leading innovative development and construction company.  Boasting a significant share of the Cyprus home market, the Company is continuously evolving by setting new standards for the island's property industry, without compromising its first-rate customer service, property management and after-sales support. 

Whether it's for investment or retirement purposes, Aristo Developers' attractive portfolio boasts the widest range of properties on the island.  With 265 island wide developments, and 50 new projects currently in the market, one is really spoilt for choice.  And if recommendations are anything to go by, Aristo Developers’ proven track-record of 12,000 satisfied clients over the last fifteen years and recent accolade of “Best Residential Developer in Cyprus” by the renowned International Finance Magazine, are reassuring. 

Adding to its credibility, Aristo Developers also guarantees delivery dates and title deeds; the Company stands by its commitment to offering clients peace of mind when purchasing property in Cyprus.  In fact, Aristo Developers was the only developer on the island to have issued over 500 new title deeds in 2016 alone.  Furthermore, over 630 title deeds were transferred to homeowners last year, with 1,300 title deeds already available for immediate transfer at the start of 2017.

Whichever way one looks at it, making a property investment through Aristo Developers makes absolute sense. Our services are built on the cornerstones of quality and commitment, making us the most reliable property partner on the European island of Cyprus.