Aristo Developers showcases its portfolio at the annual “International Property Show” in Moscow

Friday, 5 December 2014

Aristo Developers’ participation in the recent “International Property Show” in Moscow on the 14th and 15 November 2014, was highly successful and managed to create a strong network of business associates and clients. 

The exhibition, held twice a year, invites developers from Russia and from around the world, to exhibit an international mix of the best properties available on the market. 

Aristo Developers, a permanent exhibitor at the show, had an opportunity to present its strong portfolio of investment opportunities and its new developments which have recently launched on the island of Cyprus.  Aristo Developers’ dynamic strategy seeks to focus on promoting Cyprus and its favourable business climate to potential investors. 

Aside from the real estate market, the exhibition draws large numbers of visitors interested in obtaining a permanent residency in Cyprus, acquiring citizenship through an EU member state, as well as the high level of education available in both public and private schools in Cyprus.