Over 250 projects island wide
and 50 new projects currently in the market

Aristo Developers, established in the early 1980s by Mr. Theodoros Aristodemou, is one of the most dynamic and credible Cyprus property developer companies. As the largest landowner, Aristo Developers maintains the widest range of functional and elegantly designed properties in Cyprus, and a firm presence of offices on the island, with over 400 exclusive partners around the globe. Over the last three decades, Aristo Developers has contributed immensely to the building sector of Cyprus, with over 270 projects and delivery of properties to more than 12,000 satisfied homeowners.

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  • Aristo Developers thanks its Russian clientele!

  • Secret Valley Golf Club (Venus Rock) - Golfing tournament event

  • Aristo Developers Seminar in Cairo

  • Aristo Developers Showcases Property Portfolio to Russian Buyers

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