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      Learn more about the buying process.

      Buying a property in Cyprus

      The island of Cyprus has always been considered to be one of the top property destinations by foreign buyers. The continuing demand for property by foreigners is attributed to many factors, including the relatively low cost of living, the great weather, the high quality of life, the great landscapes & blue flag beaches.

      Cyprus is considered to be one of the safest and best relocation destinations in the world.


      The leading property developer in Cyprus and with more than 265+ completed island-wide developments and 40+ developments currently in the market

      We have one of the widest property portfolios in Cyprus in prime beachfront, seaside, city centre, golf resorts and countryside locations.

      Contact us to find out more.

      Buying Properties in Cyprus FAQ

      You may contact us via email at [email protected] or via freephone at 80002747

      There is no obligation to use a lawyer when purchasing property in Cyprus, however it is advisable to use one.  The lawyer will undertake all legalities and formalities related to the property acquisition, such as the stamping and registration (Specific Performance) of the Sale Agreement at the Land Registry Department, submission of applications for Permanent Residency Permit and Citizenship, application for reduced VAT rate, connection of house utilities, transfer of title deeds, etc.

      Furthermore, the lawyer will protect all your rights and interests associated with your property purchase in Cyprus.

      If for any reason you would prefer not to engage a lawyer in Cyprus for the purchase of your property, Aristo Developers could undertake all the related legalities and formalities, at a fee.

      VAT is payable upon the payment of each instalment at the rate (percentage) that is in effect at the time of instalment payment.

      Yes, you may sell the property at any time, provided that you have paid it off and took key delivery.  However, in cases of properties that are purchased as the main residence for Citizenship or Permanent Residency purposes, the main residence cannot be disposed, otherwise the holder’s Citizenship or Permanent Residency Permit will be revoked.

      Yes, all properties Aristo Developers is selling are freehold, and the Purchaser buys and owns the land as well if he buys a villa, without any time limitation.

      Yes, Aristo Developers can definitely keep you updated regarding the construction progress of your property and email you relevant photos.

      Upgrades, alterations and extras addition are possible depending on the stage of construction.  Our Technical and Architectural Department will be happy to assist you with this matter, so you can adjust your property to your own personal needs, tastes and preferences.

      Reservation deposit can be paid either in cash, by credit card, bank transfer or banker’s draft, depending on the amount.

      The rest of the instalments are usually paid via bank accounts transfer.  Bankers’ drafts are also acceptable.

      Yes, it is allowed to apply get a mortgage from a Cypriot bank for the acquisition of property in Cyprus.  The contribution of the purchaser will be 30%-50% depending on the purpose of purchase and the financial status of the purchaser, and the remaining 50%-70% will be granted by the bank as a mortgage or housing loan.

      However, clients that buy property for Permanent Residency Permit (PRP) are not allowed to pay the property via a mortgage they will get from a Cypriot bank as money for PRP needs to come from abroad.

      Your 6 Step Process to Buying Property

      Step 1

      Select Real Estate Investment
      • Arrange a property viewing appointment with one of the company s experienced sales advisors and make your selection.
      • Sign a reservation agreement, which shows your commitment to buy the property, and put down a small deposit so that your selected unit is removed from the market and kept under your name until the contract is drafted and signed.
      Step 2

      Sign Contract & Submit Documents to Local Authorities
      Step 3

      Reduced VAT Application If Applicable
      Step 4

      Choose Your Property’s Finishes
      Step 5

      Payments & Property Delivery
      Step 6

      Congratulations! Welcome to the family!

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